What Is Your Greatest Fear?

EbolaThe news media loves to find a story that will strike fear into people’s hearts. Those types of stories are usually plastered all over social media. These stories get our attention. We cannot stay away from them. In some cases fraudulent websites will even post doctored pictures of something gruesome in hopes of getting people to click through to their website.

Lately, the story has been the Ebola Virus. Ebola is a deadly virus with no known cure. It also has been known to have some pretty gruesome symptoms such as bleeding from the eyes in some cases. Even though the virus is not easily spread, people are still terrified by the mention of it. People are so afraid that in one case some people would have denied treatment to infected Americans.

It is interesting that we are so afraid of things that can do us harm in this life, which is temporary, but many times we are indifferent to things that can do us harm in the next life, which is eternal. If we found out we had Ebola or maybe Cancer we would jump into action immediately, but we often procrastinate in regards to sin.

Yes, Ebola is scary, but so is an eternal lake of fire (Rev. 20:15) with weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matt. 8:12). In this place of outer darkness there will be eternal separation from God (2 Thess. 1:9). That means that once we are sentenced there will be no cure. These are the symptoms of the deadliest plague, sin.

Why do we not fear sin? Perhaps we think our short life here on earth is more important than our eternal life? It is time that we start treating sin like the killer that it is. We need to treat sin like a plague. Instead of flirting with it, we need to run away from it. We need to fear it and hate it. Shouldn’t our greatest fear be separation from God?